Our campaigns against doll bans

Laws criminalizing the possession or sale of plastic dolls that governments defines as “childlike” have been sweeping the world. Despite their popular appeal, the laws are unsupported by science, at best a distraction from the protection of real children, and at worst could put children at risk. Read below to find out why, to learn the current status of these laws, and to take action against them.

Here is what you can tell your representative when you call them to express your concerns about a proposed law that would ban sex dolls that the government has not approved.

I am calling to ask (name of your representative) to vote against (name of bill). There are two reasons to vote against this bill:

First, it is unconstitutional: the last time when a state law banned a sex toy, a Federal Circuit court decided that government interference with the personal and private use of sex toys violates the Constitution.

Second, according to the world’s leading scientific experts on pedophilia, who are advisors to the child protection organization Prostasia Foundation, banning sex dolls won’t help children.

These experts are saying that rather than reducing child sexual abuse, a ban could actually increase it by removing a victimless outlet for some people who might otherwise target a real child. Research into whether a sex doll ban would help or hinder the protection of children is currently underway. Lawmakers should await the outcomes of this research before banning these devices.

Please ask (name of your representative) to vote against (name of bill).