Volunteer for Prostasia

Are you passionate about keeping kids safe? What about defending digital privacy? Or standing up for the rights of minorities? You can do all of the above when you volunteer for the Prostasia Foundation.

We’re a team of child protection activists who believe everyone has a right to a life without abuse, and we’re fighting to make this a reality without compromising on privacy or human rights.

Our staff is currently made up of volunteers while we focus on growing our impact. We ask that team members dedicate about 10 hours of their time per week, but we offer flexibility to fit your schedule.

Once you see a position you’re interested in, you can apply using the form below. Can’t find any positions that call to you or fit your skills? Let us know, and we’ll work with you to find a good fit.

Join us, and join the front lines in the fight against child sexual abuse. Together, we can build a safer tomorrow.

The Prostasia Foundation is an equal-opportunity employer. Under California’s Fair Chance Act, individuals with criminal records are welcome to apply for open positions. We strive to ensure our stakeholder groups are adequately represented on our staff and leadership teams.