Work for Prostasia

We are currently not hiring for any paid positions, but we do have various volunteer opportunities available. If you are planning to volunteer, please consult our staff screening policy.


You are responsible for maintaining our website. This includes keeping WordPress and its themes and plugins up to date, formatting and posting blog posts and other website updates, formatting and posting our newsletter, and collaborating with our Designer and Activist on graphic requests. You are also responsible for search engine optimization, and you should be familiar with the use of Google Search Console and Google Analytics, or be willing to learn. You may also collaborate with our Activist on Google Ads.

Video producer

We have a series of long form video interviews on our YouTube channel, which are also released as downloadable podcast episodes. Most interviews are conducted remotely using Internet videoconferencing software, but some may be held in person. Your job will be to coordinate the production of each episode by helping the Executive Director and Activist to scout for guests, scheduling with the guests and interviewer, testing the audiovisual quality at each end, and working with the Designer on video inserts. You may also be involved in editing and posting the final product.

Legislative analyst

Do you have an aptitude for keeping track of legislative developments? In this position you would help to ensure that Prostasia tracks U.S. federal and/or state bills that pertain to child protection. You will work closely with our Executive Director and Activist to ensure that appropriate campaigns are developed to target lawmakers and their constituents with the right messaging to positively influence proposed legislation. You could also be involved in drafting suggested amendments to bills, or proposing model provisions.


If you have a knack for design, this could be a fun part-time role for you! Our designer will work with our Executive Director and Activist to translate our work into compelling visual representations. This role will frequently involve designing simple header graphics for blog posts and campaigns. You will also have the opportunity to add your visual flair to our monthly newsletter. From time to time you will also be called upon to work on infographics, icons, layouts for new web pages, and video inserts.

Development officer

In collaboration with our Executive Director, the Development Officer is responsible for leading our fundraising effort. Our main sources of funding are memberships (including small non-recurring donations), corporate donations, and grants from charitable foundations. Your role will include developing all of these sources of funding. This requires grantwriting experience or a willingness to learn, as well as initiative and drive in following up leads from corporate and individual donors.


As Activist, you will work with our Executive Director, Researcher, Designer, and Legislative Analyst in developing persuasive campaigns for various external audiences, developing petitions and open letters, collaborating with external partners, and working closely with our social media manager and blog editor to publicize campaigns. Requirements of this role include experience with online campaigning (or a willingness to learn), and well-developed writing skills.

Social media manager

As social media manager, your primary responsibility is to manage our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram social media accounts. This will require you to generate at least four pieces of content daily, which you will  source from Twitter, news aggregation software, and our website and forum. You will also be responsible for dealing with replies and comments, in cooperation with Executive Director. You will work closely with our activist, blog editor, and designer. Familiarity with the use of Buffer is an advantage for this position, but is not essential.


Our Researcher will work with the Executive Director and our Advisory Council to ensure that Prostasia’s work is based on a solid scientific footing. You may have a background in psychology, criminal justice, or another relevant discipline—but you will certainly have developed keen primary and secondary research skills, and a skeptical mindset. You will be involved in writing calls for research proposals and liaising with applicants for research grants or subgrants. You will also contribute to writing and fact-checking blog posts.


If you are an attorney licensed to practice in any U.S. state and you have pro bono hours to donate, consider joining our volunteer legal team. You will work with our Executive Director (who is also a lawyer) and our Legislative Analyst in researching and writing about child protection laws and enforcement practices. Knowledge or interest in constitutional law and criminal law are highly desirable. You will be expected  to lead the preparation of amicus curiae briefs and to write and provide legal review for blog posts.