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Prostasia Foundation is an organization to promote independent research and to engage in political advocacy. Although we have survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) on our Board of Directors, we do not directly offer support services to survivors or to those who self-identify as at risk of offending. But we do work with organizations that do, and we link to them here. Unless otherwise noted, we have no official relationship with any of these organizations.

Have you discovered unlawful sexual images of minors online?
If you find the content on a major Internet platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, it is usually fastest to report the content to the platform in question, who will in turn assess and report it to the appropriate authorities if appropriate. Do not repost the content asking others to take it down or report it, and do not take a copy of the content.

Follow these links for information about reporting a violation to Twitter, Facebook, Google, Tumblr, or Microsoft.

If you cannot find a reporting mechanism for the Internet platform where you find the content, or if it is a lesser-known platform that might not have a mechanism to give it the rapid attention that it needs, then you should report the content to the NCMEC’s Cybertip line if you are in the United States, or to the International Association of Internet Hotlines INHOPE internationally.

Are you a survivor of CSA, or the parent, guardian or teacher of a survivor?
Here are some organizations that provide support services to CSA survivors:
Do you have sexual thoughts about minors?
If you are concerned about sexual thoughts concerning minors, contact these organizations for support, or get more information on our own forum:

If you are seeking but cannot afford therapy, you can apply for financial support.

Are your rights being infringed?