Support the Jenna Quinn law

Update December 2020: Congressman Bobby Scott (VA) is holding up the Jenna Quinn law from passing in the current session, by tying it to the passage of another, separate bill. Call his office on (202) 225-8351 to encourage him to allow Jenna’s law to pass now!

The Jenna Quinn Law promotes community based education and training for teachers, caregivers, and students to prevent child sexual abuse. First passed as Jenna’s Law in Jenna’s home state Texas in 2009, more than half of all states have since adopted a form of Jenna’s Law. Read more about the Jenna Quinn law, and about Jenna’s personal tale of triumph over child sexual abuse, on her own website.

The federal version of the Jenna Quinn law passed the Senate unanimously in September 2020. Now is your chance to push it over the finish line by contacting your Representative and urging them to pass it in the House of Representatives so that it can finally become law. Write to your Representative today by using this form, or telephone their office to express your support for the law.