No children were harmed in the making of this fiction,event,artwork,animation,doll,website,

When you see this No Children Harmed certification seal, you can be assured that whoever is using it has taken care to ensure that their activities do not harm children.

Our partners

Autonomy Counselling Eaglescliffe

Specialism in trauma, ASD, CSA, minor attraction, kink, neuroscience, person centred counsellor. Allows the unique client to find their way back to an authentic Self in governing their life.

Fay Brown BACP registered counsellor

Dmitry Leary

I’m Dmitri Leary, I write and draw a comics and stories about radiation, gods, and the end of the world.

“I was excited to be part of the No Child Harmed program because it so encapsulated what I and other content creators have been saying for years. We need to recognize that creators are not dangerous because of the fiction they create—that when the ink and graphite are washed away we have done no harm and left no victims.”

Dmitri Leary Comic author

The Doll House

The-Doll-House is a retailer of Premium quality, photorealistic, kinaesthetically convincing, high-end, luxury sex dolls, with which to fulfil any whims you may have.

“Child Sexual Abuse blights our society, and must be eradicated, but this should not include works of art that do not involve children.”

Phil Bass Owner


A bi-monthly digital multi-fandom charity zine dedicated to helping adult content creators practice informed consent without compromising kink exploration.

“The group behind PROBLEMATIQUE is honored to carry the message of child protection with us as we continue building spaces for adult content creators in fandom to thrive, safely and with pride. Thank you!!”

Specs Co-editor

Mon Amour Toujours

TDF (The Doll Forum) approved, US seller of realistic, affordable, life size silicone and TPE Action Figure Models.

“As a business owner, concerned citizen and parent I support any organization promoting productive, evidence based forms of CSA prevention. We can solve this issue. We owe it to our communities but most of all we owe it to our children.”

Don Delano Owner