Prostasia Conversations: Allyn Walker

Allyn Walker is an Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice. Their book, A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity is one of the first scholarly studies of minor-attracted people who do not offend. I talked to Allyn about their research, the stigma attached to this population, and what they learned about strategies to prevent offending.

If you or someone you know struggles with attractions to minors, you can find support and resources here.


  1. […] Walker gave an interview to Prostasia Foundation, a child protection nonprofit. You can watch it […]

  2. First of all thank you Dr. Allyn Walker for attempting to address this topic. I find it ridiculous the amount of backlash and hardship you have suffered from this interview. I will say our society doesn’t allow any outlet for these MAPs, they can’t talk to a psychiatrist or Psychologist or they get arrested. Can’t tell peers in fear of becoming an outcast, can’t tell a coworker or they get fired. Then as a society we are shocked when they fail at fighting their own innate sexual nature and harm a minor. The stigma is just not helping to prevent crimes against minors. You say most MAPs are not registered sex offenders. Please realize that there is a lot of government money being spent and a fervor for arresting MAPs(for example) and committing them to a lifetime of “sex offense” registry without ever having come into contact, nor communication with a minor. Every couple of years, more and more laws come up to scoop up and arrest more people to be added to the ever expanding sex offense registry. For crying out loud, children are being added to the sex offender registry. For relatively common activities such as minors “sexting” each other. Tricky legal wording labels the minor whom sent an illicit pic of themselves as both “the victim and the perpetrator”. I wanted to add a few quick facts to assist in clearing up the distinction between ‘MAPs’ and registered persons. Source: Action Committee, ACLU Affiliate)
    **First time offenders who are not listed on any registry commit approximately 95% of sex crimes.
    **Most victims of child abuse know their molester.
    **Danger from strangers is a rare occurrence.
    **One-third of all child sexual abuse cases are committed by other children.
    **Residential proximity to places where children gather such as schools and playgrounds do not increase recidivism.
    God Bless you Dr. Allyn Walker, I hope you land on your feet.

  3. If you believe it’s acceptable to have sex with children ,then you are not !!! Protecting children . You are abusing them . Disgusting individual that you clearly are.

    1. Considering you’re commenting on an interview of a child protection researcher, I’m not sure who you believe thinks child sexual abuse is acceptable. You should watch the video before making assumptions about Dr. Walker’s views

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