Our Team

Prostasia Foundation is led by our Board of Directors, who meet four times per year and are responsible for ensuring that the organization fulfills its purpose. Specific responsibilities vested in the board include oversight of the finances of the organization, appointment of the Executive Director, and the approval of high-level strategic decisions upon the advice of Prostasia’s Advisory Council.

The Staff of the organization is managed by the Executive Director, who also sits on the Board and is responsible for the day to day management of the organization and is the liaison between the Staff and the Board. Not all of our staff are listed publicly below.

The Advisory Council are experts with diverse backgrounds who assist the Board of Directors by providing feedback on proposed Prostasia positions and policies. Advisory Council members act as volunteers and do not vote or exercise a direct operational role. We aim to ensure that our Advisory Council includes representation from mental health professionals, child sex abuse survivors, sex workers and the adult entertainment industry, Internet platforms, and the criminal justice system.

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Board of DirectorsAdvisory CouncilStaff
Jeremy Malcolm

Lawyer, human rights activist, and technology policy expert

Maggie McNeill

Writer, sex worker, and former librarian

Gilian Tenbergen

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology with SUNY Oswego

Jae Snell

Mental health worker, educator, and researcher