The Prostasia Conversations

The Prostasia Conversations (formerly Sex, Human Rights, and CSA Prevention) is a monthly podcast and vodcast series brought to you by Prostasia Foundation, available on all major podcast platforms and on YouTube.

In this series, we talk with a range of experts and stakeholder representatives about issues such as child sexual abuse prevention, children’s rights, sex education, freedom of expression, and more. The conversations use a lens that is evidence-based, human rights focused, and sex-positive.


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The Prostasia Conversations
The Prostasia Conversations
Prostasia Foundation

The Prostasia Conversations, hosted by Noah Berlatsky, hosts a series of in-depth discussions on such discussions as sex, human rights, education, trauma recovery, and CSA prevention.


Exactly the same content from the podcast episodes is also in the video episodes, sometimes with some additional interactive content. Below is our The Prostasia Conversations playlist from YouTube.