Tell the UN: Art ≠ CSEM

A United Nations committee wants to have drawings, dolls, and writings added to the international legal definition of child pornography.

That’s not what child pornography law is for.

Child pornography is prohibited by law because it exploits the child depicted in it. Reflecting this, it is increasingly being called child sexual exploitation material (CSEM).

A drawing or written text that depicts an imaginary child exploits nobody.

Freedom of expression under international law can only be restricted by law in ways that are both necessary and proportionate to achieve a permitted purpose. Banning cartoons does not meet this test, and there is no evidence that it would help children.

Tell the United Nations that it has no business telling the world what we can draw or read, and that it should keep its focus on the prevention of harm to real children.

Updated March 15: here’s our full submission to the UN.

Tell the UN: Art ≠ CSEM

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End date: Apr 01, 2019

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17,620 signatures