Absurd! Florida to protect dolls as if they were children

Update: SB 160 passed the Senate on April 2, 2019, and its House companion bill, CS/HB 1107, on May 2. We commit ourselves to helping challenge this unconstitutional law. 

Under Florida law, it is a third degree felony—and rightfully so—for an adult to expose themselves to a child over a live stream, to sexually groom a child, to knowingly include a child in a pornographic film, or to distribute child pornography.

But if the Florida sex doll ban (SB 160 in the Senate, CS/HB 1107 in the House) passes, a lifeless sex doll will be given equal protections to a child: a second conviction of dealing with a doll that the government defines as “child-like” will also be treated as a third degree felony. Why are we giving dolls the same rights as real children?

Although aimed at protecting children, the bill could do the opposite, by criminalizing what experts believe could be a possible harmless outlet for those with sexual interests in children. It would also open the door to state legislatures stepping in to regulate other private, consensual sexual acts between adults.

If you are from Florida, write to your representative today to stop this ill-informed and harmful bill.