Immoral! Kentucky to treat doll ownership as equivalent to child abuse

Under Kentucky law, distributing images or videos of real children being sexually abused is a Class C or D felony. But if Kentucky law SB 102 passes, a lifeless sex doll will be given equal protections to a child: possession, trafficking or importing a doll that the government defines as “child-like” will also be treated as a Class C or D felony.

This proposal is both abhorrent and immoral. Why are we giving dolls the same rights as real children? Under no circumstances should the abuse of a real child be treated as equivalent to the possession of a lifeless sex doll. To assert otherwise is to diminish the rights of real children and to trivialize their abuse.

Although aimed at protecting children, the bill could do the opposite, by criminalizing what experts believe could be a possible harmless outlet for those with sexual interests in children. It would also open the door to state legislatures stepping in to regulate other private, consensual sexual acts between adults.

If you are from Kentucky, write to your representative today to stop this ill-informed and harmful bill.