Apply for financial support

Prostasia Foundation has a specific fund dedicated towards helping individuals get help from professional therapists, when they feel that they could use additional support in managing inappropriate sexual feelings. On a discretionary basis, the fund will cover the cost of one initial consultation with a therapist selected by the client.


  1. Use these details to locate a therapist in your area.
  2. Obtain a quote from the therapist for an initial appointment and send it to us for approval using the form below.
  3. If accepted, Prostasia Foundation will notify you and mail a check directly to the therapist’s office with a request that it be credited to your account.


Do not book a therapy session on the assumption that financial support will be made available. Selection of applicants is at the absolute discretion of Prostasia Foundation. Your personal details will be kept confidential, with the sole exception that the name you give below will be sent with your payment to the therapist.