Alaska Pushes Trans Discrimination Bill

Alaska’s SB 140 would amend AS 14.18.040 by including a section about sex. This bill would require sports in schools to only allow 3 categories of sports teams, one for “biological” males/boys, one for “biological” females/girls, and a coed team. SB 140 explicitly prohibits “biological” males from participating in the girls’ team. This is a direct attempt of discrimination against trans women.

While this bill would lead to systemic discrimination against the trans community in sports, it also validates transphobia by giving anyone who claims to have been harmed if schools don’t comply the right to bring a cause of action against the school. It also gives legal protection against retaliation for anyone who reports the school’s violation and schools legal protection from any organization that tries to take adverse action against the discrimination.

Write to your Senators today and tell them not to support SB 140.