Missouri’s Transphobic Bills could Affect Every Student’s Education

Missouri’s latest anti-trans sports bills include some of the harshest anti-trans legislation. HB 1184 Prohibits state funding of any elementary or secondary school or any institution of higher education that allows biological males to participate in sports organized for biological females. This bill would go so far as to affect the educational opportunities of all students in that school just to discriminate against trans women. HB 1184 would amend chapters 163 and 173, RSMo to disqualify schools from any state aid funding if they chose to be inclusive by allowing trans women to participate in the girls/women’s teams.

HJR 53 Proposes a constitutional amendment to protect the integrity of interscholastic athletic contests would amend Article IX of the Constitution of Missouri. HJR 53 would only allow 3 categories of sports teams, one for “biological” males/boys/men, one for “biological” females/girls/women, and a coed team. This bill would prohibit trans women from participating in the girls/women’s sport team and would prohibit trans men who have begun transitioning from participating in the girls/women’s team. HJR 53 would allow the general assembly to enact laws to offer legal protections to schools following this new amendment, legal protection for students who report violations or students who claim to be deprived of opportunity or harm if this amendment is violated.

Write to your representatives today and tell them not to support HB 1184 and HJR 53.