Furry fandom: untying the knot

Are you comfortable in your own body? Or sometimes, when you close your eyes and dream, do you imagine yourself in a different body—perhaps not even a human body, but something closer to an animal, or a fantasy creature? If so, then you just might be interested in furry fandom, which revolves around this idea.

As a furry, you take on an anthropomorphic fantasy persona when you interact with other furries online. Anthros are the classic anthropomorphic characters who have human characteristics like body shape and behavior, but have the fur and other physical attributes of an animal. Another kind of furry persona (or “fursona”) is a neko, a character that is human but has a cat ears and tail (and sometimes paws), or variations of this based on other animals such as dogs.

If you have artistic skills, you can create a drawing or painting of your fursona from scratch. If you’re not, you can commission an artist to create a fursona for you, based on characteristics that you specify, or based on reference characters (“refs”) that you find on platforms like Tumblr, Kik, and Discord. If you don’t have enough money for a commission, it is common to save a ref from an artist that you like, and to make it your own by giving it a name and personality.

How furry roleplaying works

Many furries like to roleplay sex as their fursona. They would send their chosen image to a play partner and say “this is pretty much what my character looks like, and this is anatomically what we have going on.” Role playing sex as a furry gives you much more flexibility than you could ever have in real life. You are at least likely to have have fur and a tail, so it’s already pushing human boundaries there. But you can also choose how big your character is, how old they are, and what body parts they have—for example they might have both breasts and a penis, and sometimes even a vagina as well.

In my case, I have always wanted to play a character based on Buxbi, a tiger-like furry created by an artist I admire. But I wasn’t limited to playing one character. I identified as a shape-shifter who could change into whatever I wanted to be, so I didn’t have a single fursona. I could change from being a little fox cub when playing with one partner, and into a big thick momma tigress when playing with another. In this way, I was able to role play with many different people, and in turn I got to experience virtual sex with many different creatures that don’t even exist in reality. Often, I wouldn’t ever see what my partners looked like in real life, or know anything about their real-life body or gender.

Censorship of furries

Regardless of what other kinky fantasies you may like to play out, as a character with ears and a tail who wants to get fucked by another character with ears and a tail, you are already kind of a weirdo out of the gate. And then there are those who want to get fucked in real life while wearing a fursuit (which is an entirely separate article in itself). You’re guaranteed weird no matter what when you’re a furry.

As a result furries are deeply misunderstood and stigmatized. When I told my own dad that I was admin of a furry group, his response was, “You are too cool to be a furry.” It’s hard to pin down exactly what this stigma stems from. Some people do wrongly assume that we are into having sex with real animals, but this is true only for a very small minority as it is not accepted in the general furry community. Another misconception is that the young “cub” fursonas that some furries play with represent an interest in human children. This is almost never the case, because furry roleplaying is all about fantasy.

But because these misunderstandings contribute towards the overall stigma that the furry community suffers, even members of the furry community itself have tried to distance themselves from the more controversial parts of the fandom, for example declaring cub porn to be “off limits”. But what the community needs to understand is that outsiders see our entire fandom— which appears to them as being all about sexual role playing with cartoon characters and furry animal suits—as being about the sexualization of minors. Banning cub fursonas isn’t going to make a lick of difference to that false perception.

Therefore once you say that some fantasies are off limits, it’s hard to close the door to the broader censorship that results, and this has had dire effects on the entire community. As a result, furry art that doesn’t clearly represent an adult has been progressively censored on Discord, Kik, Tumblr, and Twitter.

But in a furry context, censoring or prohibiting young-looking fursonas doesn’t make any sense. A single fursona can often represent a band of different ages. It might represent a character that is over 18 during one role play session, and under 18 in another session, based on the player’s mood and who they are playing with. A fursona might also look physically tiny or childlike, but represent a character that is of adult age, or even more ancient. A younger character design is also appropriate for those who enjoy role playing DD/lg scenarios. It really doesn’t matter: it’s all fantasy anyway.

With the increasing censorship of furry art online, I no longer have the stock of interesting and diverse new characters that I used to see on Tumblr. I have already played most of the characters that I have already saved, and I like to play a variety of different characters.  That’s one reason why I have recently quit doing furry roleplays. Censorship has really begun to spoil the whole community.

Support and safeguarding in the furry community

Despite the stigma that we all suffer, furries are really welcoming and accepting. Part of the welcoming and safe space that furry communities provide is down to the admins (administrators) of the forums where they congregate. The group that I adminned was a Kik chat group. We would enforce our own rules (you can read mine below), and the admin would decide what those rules would be, but we would also have to follow the overall community guidelines of the app such as Kik or Discord.

These were the rules for the Kik furry group that I adminned

My group included both adult furries, and also some underage furries. Knowing that underage furries are going to be exploring their characters anyway, it was part of the admin’s job to make sure that they did so safely. We did this by separating them out from adults during role play. We would have one group that was limited to under 18 teens role playing with each other, and another group that was for over 18s only. The two groups could come together to chat socially and exchange art, but role play between adults and minors wasn’t allowed. After all, essentially you are having sex with someone long distance, so it was important to keep that boundary between the two groups.

The job of an admin wasn’t just about enforcing rules, it was also about providing support. When people were going through problems and didn’t have anyone else to talk to, we had to make sure they had a safe place to come to. It was our job to ensure that the community was harmonious and supporting, and that no matter what your age, you would feel safe there.

Our community is at risk

But as Kik and the other platforms came down harder and harder on our community by imposing new regulations on the art we could share and the fantasies they could enact, our communities began to come apart. Although I’m still in some Kik groups, the ones that I was adminning sadly died. Today, there are less of those groups than what I had when I was discovering my sexuality safely through online role play, and this saddens me. Groups tend to slowly die as the social platform it is on becomes more and more restricting, till what is left moves on to another platform until that one inevitably begins to censor more themselves.

Furry lifestylers themselves have also increasingly caved to outside pressure by placing new limits on the fantasies that their fellow furries are allowed to express, or the art that they are allowed to enjoy, and shaming those who transgress these limits. This is foolish, because it undermines the stability and safety of our entire community.

A fursona is not a real person, and the size, shape, and apparent age of its body do not matter. What matters is that furries have a safe environment to engage in age-appropriate exploration of their fantasies, as they discover what works for them, and what doesn’t. For many young furries, role play is the first kind of sex that they have. Being able to safely role play sexual fantasies helps them to understand their own bodies and desires, and to model the sexual behaviors that they will later enact in real life.

Censorship imposed by those who don’t understand the furry lifestyle cuts off this avenue of exploration and personal development, which in turn makes it more likely that young people will be pressured into less safe sexual behaviors before they are ready, and that more of them will end up being victimized.

Despite the stigma and prejudice that we face, there is nothing wrong with being a furry. We don’t have to apologize for our existence to those who don’t understand us, and we shouldn’t capitulate to their paternalistic demands. That’s not to say that furries can’t commit sexual abuse—as in every community, some can and do. But our community is best placed to combat abuse by acting as good role models and gatekeepers.


Furry fandom can get a little “hairy” at times, but real life abuse must never be tolerated—especially when minors are the victims. From my experience as a furry community moderator, I know that those who are best placed to keep an eye on the safety of their most vulnerable community members are its more senior members who have earned the community’s trust. If we can believe that we have furry ears and tails, is it too much for us to believe that we have the power and the responsibility to safely manage our own community?

Featured image “Early morning snuggle” © 2015 Buxbi (@BuxbiArts), used by permission.


  1. Pretty Good Article about the Furry Fandom.

  2. It pains me how someone outside the fandom understands us better than ourselves. I’ve grown disgusted with the furry fandom precisely due to the persecution against cub artists. On sites like Furaffinity it’s so bad that even artists who DON’T draw it are now being banned under the accusation of such… it’s literally a witch hunt on that art site.

    Back when I discovered the fandom in 2005, it was a chill place where everyone could be themselves and people barely cared about those things. I miss those days… I passionately hate this world for what it has become, how it has destroyed every good thing ever created. I hope this dark age of mindless hate and paranoia and tyranny will soon end.

    1. I fully agree with you 100%.

  3. I disagree wholly with this article. Going from the start, you claim it to be okay to “save a ref from an artist you like and make it your own”. Most artists draw things for commission, meaning that ref you save was paid for by someone else. Some people don’t mind if their character is used for RP, but many people do not. It’s wrong to assume that you can take any picture and use it for RP. It might be alright to give credit, but do not say “make it your own”.
    When you discuss roleplay, you go straight into Erotic roleplay and don’t even mention the communities of non-sexual roleplay that exist. This paints furries in a negative oversexed light, especially in an article that is meant to clarify some misconceptions about furries.
    You start by rationalizing cub porn with “well you’re already a weirdo out of the gate if you’re a furry, why bother putting things off limits, just go all the way.” You disregard outsiders of the furry fandom into a group that will not change their mind about furries regardless of changes the community makes (due to “false perception”). But what about the middle group? People who are finding out about furries and desire to find out more, but may be turned away by the more unsavory aspects of communities within it? Certainly changes made would affect them.
    Having <18 year olds in an RP group is dangerous, due to laws regarding distribution of porn to minors (think about why porn sites ask if you're 18+, it's a liability issue). And regardless, in a KiK group you are relying on a person's honesty about ages. I don't know all the details about this specific group, but I could imagine it would be easy to say you are under 18 if you really weren't in order to gain access to those minors.
    The /only/ part of this article that I find some sort of agreement on is the idea that a character "could represent a variety of ages." This is true, but also very subjective. It comes down to 2 fundamentals. First being artist's intent: If the artist set out to draw an underage character, with underage attributes, then there you go. Second: how close it is to reality: Yes, we are talking about anthro characters, but they are usually "human"-oid. So if attributes of human children can be applied (underdeveloped, prepubescent proportions, childlike personality and situations) then the artist's intent begins to matter less. It's like drawing an apple and then writing "banana" on it.
    Near the end of the article you state "This is foolish, because it undermines the stability and safety of our entire community." but fail to elaborate. What parts of the entire community will become less stable and less safe as a result of consorship of cub art and cub roleplay? How will it affect me, an ex-roleplayer, a commissioner of art, and moderator of furry communities?
    The issue of cub pornography (and drawn underage pornography in general) comes down to a sens of morality. For some it is immoral, and for others it is fine and moral. Neither believes that they are wrong because they both have different moral standards, the same way some people might like pineapple on their pizza and some people like just cheese. However when multiple companies, multiple communities, all from different viewpoints and standards (Twitter, KiK, Tumblr, Discord, the list goes on), eventually all come to a similar stance regarding the issue, that becomes a standard ruling on it.
    I feel like this article does a bad job looking at the issue from multiple viewpoints, does not defend it's own viewpoint well enough, has an unclear focus (beginning with explanation of what the furry fandom is, then explaining furry roleplay, and then the rest all being about censorship of cub pornography), and does not well enough explain why their stance should be taken more seriously than other articles.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Since you agree that morality is subjective, the best way to ensure that people are not exposed to art that they subjectively regard as immoral is to ensure that it is tagged appropriately. In furry groups this can be done by having specific communities that are off-limits to particular content, and others where it is allowed. Making a blanket decision that content is to be banned throughout the community goes too far, because it allows some people to impose their moral judgments on others, infringing their rights to sexual free expression. It also sets a precedent for further censorship, as we saw in Discord… and this trend will only continue, causing artists to self-censor, and the community to become more homogenous. The only valid justification for this is where it is to prevent actual harm to real human beings. There is no evidence that fantasy images do cause any such harm, and in fact the evidence that we do have suggests the opposite.

      1. By Discord, are you referring to Loli/Shota being banned, which was hypocritical, which then led to cub being banned? Is that correct?

        If so, the only reason why cub was banned was because actual pedos started talking to minors and grooming them, which led to an investigation into Discord that caused the hypocrisy to be finally dealt with by people and news media outlets, at least, that’s what I heard from OAG. I don’t know if images of cub were used, but I wouldn’t believe for a second that pedos would stop here.

        They could potentially imo, use furry/cartoon adult porn, which would have enough reason for it to be banned as well. Honestly, these types of porn in general imo should just be banned since they cause more harm than good. Sure, they don’t make actual pedos (I’m guessing this goes for loli/shota/cub?), but it seems to encourage actual pedos to use this as an advantage for themselves.

        I also think furry porn could potentially make some to be encouraged to do harm to RL animals or even real humans with the whole fictional rape bit, but if there’s data that you can provide, I’ll be sure to consider it.

        Although, from what I can understand, some people who aren’t political, or are liberal/conservative, say otherwise. So I don’t know what’s really going on here with this stuff since I find it disgusting, but I personally feel it would be better to be safe than sorry.

        Lastly, I found this article that seems to me that you didn’t include this in your claims since it talks about what you say about fictional underage drawings:


        Just before I go, if this proposal does pass, how would artistic nudity images be banned? There is nudist sites that contain such photos along with some art sites that allow artistic nudity of minors, but not the porngraphic kind.

        1. “Actual pedos started talking to minors and grooming them”… if users are discovered doing that, then of course they should be banned from the service, but that doesn’t imply banning entire art forms just on the assumption that some of the people doing this were fans. In reality Discord acted on a lot of false reports about that happening, where antis would mass-report accounts that were completely innocent of any wrong behavior, and Discord acted without investigating. Here is an article that explains some of what was really going on.

          1. By Antis, are you referring to the far left (SJW’s) or far right (neo-nazis)?

            I have heard it was both sides that caused something. Regardless, it was either to ban cub along with loli/shota, or keep cub but allow loli/shots to be on the site again. Some say it could be compared to Inkbunny, but that site isn’t as huge as Discord and also bans all human depictions of nudity/sex/porn.

            Honestly, it’s up to them. If they don’t want it on their site, they don’t need to have it in the first place. I do ageee through that the UN proposal is a bit too far since there hasn’t been enough evidence or causes to ban underage depictions entirely, but it seems the UN might just go through with it because it seems they didn’t include your own proposal about the matter at hand.

            I personally don’t care what goes either way, but this could lead to violent video games being banned, which is something I don’t need to happen since I already to deal with enough life on my plate. I still see these as disgusting along with every other fetish and fictional rape, but that hardly matters since I could just use a web that dosen’t have this stuff with filters.

          2. Thing is, these pedos should get help on medical forms. Not some websites that actual kids as the demographic. Even more surprising, these “non-offending” pedos are trying to make this become a sexual orientation, which it should not be since children can not give consent. If anything, it’s a medical disorder.

            More than anything, I remember reading an article where there was one pedo who couldn’t hold his own urges and had to go use the restroom while babysitting a child. Now, that is just too far for me. That guy could have easily done something to a child.

            As for these supposed outlets you mention, are you sure these artists or people who enjoy them aren’t actually pedos? In real life of course. If so, I still find these disgusting as I do with anything porn since in general, it has been shown that it could affect the brain, but I guess people can somehow control themselves?

            Without a doubt through, I don’t see how you can compare violence to porn as if they are the same thing. Hardly, since violent video games have been shown to not cause anything to children or adults.

          3. How exactly do many of these reports from people who are on Disclrd somehow count as “False”? If it was, there wouldn’t have been many claims along with evidence that this was occurring.

            I’m all for treating people equally, but this is just honestly a bit too redundant to hear. Just like Discord, Tumble had pedos who were expressing how they liked some kids between ages, which is just disgusting to hear, along with the whole mess on Twitter where people are defending some who are apparently trying to normalize it. If that’s your main reason, then I’m sorry, but it’s not gonna happen and it shouldn’t. Kids can not give consent and trying to somehow make this mental illness into a sexual orientation that is completely different is just ridiculous.

            As for fictional underage porn art, there was a problem where an adult hurt an actual minor, to which police found to have Japanese mangas of little girls:
            Now, I’m not saying that this one case is somehow true since the other posters that mentioned a study do show that it reduces it, but it seems this man could have had urges that might have influenced him to do this act.

            I personally am disgusted with it, but if these people aren’t actual pedos as you say, along with keeping this stuff from people who don’t want to see it along with kids, I could be fine with it. It’s the same thing with fictional rape porn.

            As for artistic nudity being banned on the UN proposal, I didn’t find anything that states nudity is not allowed if it’s not sexual. So far, it only applies to pornagraphic artwork.

            But, you did bring up a source that talked about police spying someone who maintained a nudist site mostly about kids, which was found out to be a pedo ring. If you don’t mind me asking, why were you upset about this site in particular being banned? I get that artistic nudity is somehow art, but people could easily exploit this for their own money, both pedos abs people who just do it for the money.

          4. There were some true reports and some demonstrably false one, as in the case of the article that I referred you to. Nobody is saying that pedophilia should be treated by society or the law in the same way as a sexual orientation. This post debunks that, and this video has a more in-depth discussion of it with scientific expert Dr James Cantor. Finally, yes we do think that something should be done about sites that claim to be nudist content, but are actually exploiting kids. We will be talking about that topic at our upcoming meeting in May. However the article that you are referring to was shared to shows how content that was labelled as legal and that was widely accepted as such, suddenly was declared illegal by the police overnight, instantly creating a new class of criminals. It was an illustration of the risk of the same thing happening to fans of manga and anime.

      2. Hi, it seems to me that you forgot to include these two sources:


        Now personally, I think all this stuff should go, but I’m open minded on things, so if you can somehow state why it’s not linked to RL including fictional rape, I can maybe consider otherwise.

        If anything through, it seems that people who aren’t political, or who are on the left/right seem to agree with you, so that seems to be something that I cannot understand since loli/shota/cub/rape should go imo since they are disgusting.

        But I do have a question, would this proposal include artistic nudity of minors? Since it seems to me that nude images of real minors are somehow considered art from most people along with baby pictures and innocent pictures, so I guess this can apply to fictional nudity of underage characters as well?

        1. Yes, the United Nations proposal does extend to artistic nude images as well as completely fictional images.

          1. By any chance, I would guess this would include humanoid drawings right? Does go as far as to include just fictional characters that look human or does it also include fictional characters that have human traits and animal traits such as cubs?

            Exactly why should this not be banned? Isn’t it disgusting? Shouldn’t fictional rape porn be banned as well? I have seen some that were honestly disgusting with the way a Mother was raped while her child watched in horror…

            Just why should we allow this? Aren’t these types of artists actual pedos? Dosen’t this start or encourage pedophilla?

    2. Hi, I just want to comment on what you mentioned about certain groups of sites coming together on porn that they don’t like.

      For Twitter, it seems to still allow cub, but bans any human equivalent. Discord did the same thing, but did it later because of actual CP being found on their site.

      Tumblr banned porn because if the same thing with Discord.

      Idk about Kik, but any information would be helpful.

      Now personally, I don’t like any underage fictional porn, or fictional rape/gore for that matter. But when you decide to ban something because of other sites doing it, the only question would be are these images being harmful or are they just disgusting? If it’s the latter, then filters should be an option or if it’s the former then it should be banned.

      But from how I have heard about these types of things, it seems to me that more evidence is needed in order to firmly decide what should happen. There hasn’t been any evidence regarding underage fictional porn, but there are for the opposite, to which it seems that this type of porn can actually reduce RL.

      Another thing, how can we determine that anthro cubs should be the same as loli/shota? If anything, no anthros exist in RL, which seems to be the fact that why some companies combine both cub and loli/shota is because of them being kids. Now yes, anthros are similar to humans that they have similar body structures and can speak, but they are also similar to animals with traits that aren’t in humans. How can we decide if a fictional species can be considered to be the same as humans? If anything, fictional characters that have more similarities to humans that are just with cat ears or a tail to fairies feel much more closer than anthros. Anthros imo are much closer to Animals, so we should just ban cubs since they are similar to baby animals.

      If anything, what this author says is kinda true. People outside the furry group hate it because it’s similar to cartoons. The way that most furry artist make their art is close to they of cartoons, which comes down to the possibility that not just cub porn, but that any anthro/ cartoon porn can be used by actual pedos since children are attracted to cartoons more than RL.

      As for companies that decide how they act on this, others might simply not ban cub porn because of their own beliefs or perspectives like you said. If anything, it seems to me that most people are banning cub porn because of a feeling of disgustingness towards it, to which I have the same idea as well, but considering how cub porn is rarely relevant to laws that talk about fictional child porn, it seems to be that cub porn is safe since it again dosen’t exist in RL and therefore from many assumptions, some believe it’s ridiculous to compare it to loli/shota. A site can allow or not allow what they don’t want on their site of course, but if there’s a chance that cub porn could lead to actual harm to RL kids, then it might as be banned. But fit right now, it seems to not be linked to actual children.

      One last thing, Tumblr and Kik seem to have banned all depictions of porn, so I don’t know if your comment about how all companies are coming together to ban specifically cub porn is true, since there isn’t anything that has reported that or most sites that aren’t large or furry that ban cub porn. And again, just because a group of different sites have a different stance towards it, it necessarily dosen’t mean that all sites will follow or that this should proceed to an all out ban on cub porn.

      Regardless, I personally think I wouldn’t be affected by this, but then again, this cold potentially lead to cartoon/adult furry porn being banned since what the author mentions about the outside group from furries could potentially happen. The UN even tried to ban porn of women in Japan manga, which seems to be followed from Facebook and Kik.

      Honestly through, these people should be allowed to make it if they don’t have any RL problems, which seems to be most anyways, since even through this dosen’t harm me or you or anyone who aren’t even into all types of porn, it still takes away rights from someone who has done nothing wrong by just drawing or viewing it. What they do after through should be depending on the actions that they do.

      Just to add before I finish here, there was recently a person who advocated for any type of fictional underage porn to be banned, yet, they got caught doing something IRL to an actual minor. So if anything, I personally feel any fictional porn could be beneficial since that stops people from raping women/men/children, but even moreso, I feel that furry/cartoon/cub porn shouldn’t be connected to loli/shota since these types of species don’t even exist and are just a part of ideas that are both human and animal, but the thing is that they are just pixels/paper. I get that people can be inspired from fiction, but that’s kinda why there should be filters if any fictional porn isn’t harmful in RL.

    3. Thing is, where do we decide what is cub porn? Is it kids that are naked? If so, then that should mean any nudist/bathtime/innocent image IRL with kids should be banned, but, its seen by some as something that is fine and should be first amendment protection since it dosen’t show anything sexual, so the same should be said of cub, espicslly since it is also fiction and has different art styles than RL kids.

      Honestly, I feel this could easily escalate since most people aren’t into furries, and most seem to believe that a cartoon style could cause harm to actual children, which is true. But considering how in the very least for the fictional material, furry/cub porn dosen’t harm no one, including Japan’s culture of fictional loli/shota, I would argue it’s fine.

      All this companies are taking a stance this is just absurd. Firstly, not many sites say anything about cub porn, but loli/shota, even more, only Discord did it because of peer pressure from the media of a FBI investigation and the hypocryisy that include loli/shots porn being banned. If that investigation including actual pedos that used it to their own advantage didn’t happen, it would still be legal on the platiform. Twitter and Tumblr didn’t ban cub porn since a friend of mine mentions how he sees a favorite fictional underage character of his that is in porn. Twitter just bans human depictions while Tumble banned all porn, including KIK.

      If anything, your comment was confusing, as if you meant people instead of companies, there might be some who argue that it should be banned, but there are also a fair share of people who feel that it’s fine and that it shouldn’t be banned.

      If anything, there needs to be filters and tags instead of banning something based on disgusting feelings without actual evidence to bank up the claim that it does indeed increase in our life. If it actually was what most people who oppose it say to be true, then it should have been banned a couple of years ago or a decade ago with evidence to back up the claims, but yet, it’s been a grey area and no evidence has come forth from this matter. Even more, Prostasia included a link that mentions how most people who make Shotacon are female hetrosexual. Idk about Lolicon, but it seems to be the same thing with male hetrosexuals.

      Personally, I find it disgusting, but that dosen’t mean that since it dosen’t affect me for now that I could allow it to happen. For all we know, porn could easily be banned since as of right now, the far-left (or SJWs) are wanting no porn of females. Include this with the USA not liking fictional porn that isn’t suited to their own liking, and Japan maybe deciding to ban what the UN proposal wants, then it could easily escalate into stuff that shouldn’t be banned since it isn’t directly harmful if it’s fictonal or RL suits it in a way that isn’t illegal. If anything, the UN tried to propose a similar ban to Japan of fictional women, and it didn’t pass through in the end since many had various reasons that explained otherwise.

      Not saying the far-right dosen’t want porn banned either, but most of the right seems to be calm about this from my knowledge.

    4. About your mention of the fundamentals:

      1. I can agree that if a person draws an underage character with underage proportions, then, yes they are underage. But how could this factor into “x is actually 1000” argument? For all we know, this could easily interpret underage characters who aren’t canonical underage in a variety of many things, since most people decide if it looks young, not based on canon age. Still, how about original works such as Ramero and Juillet if people want underage fictional porn to be banned? Is it just the ac met itself or do we take the whole story into context itself?

      2. While it is true that anthros resemble more of human traits, there’s also the factor of animal traits. Some who oppose furry or cub porn could easily say that it’s animal porn since they have animal traits. How can we determine to place a species in a area of context if they aren’t real? If fictional anthro rape was settled in a case of court, would it be determined as animal porn or would it be human porn? If it’s the latter, then that’s just ridiculous since anthros aren’t humans completely, but if it’s the former, then that’s also confusing since it the anthros clearly dictate more of humans. This wouldn’t be a problem with species that are close to humans, such as having the normal human looks, but with something like wings or anything else that doesn’t involve anything such as Anthros having both human traits and animal traits that resemble what it could be of, or traits that are just completely imagination, which begs the question, does this fictional material have any effect on our life? And by that, I mean dues fictional rape or does cub porn increase the actual equivalent? Since as of right now, there isn’t enough data to suggest that anything fictional or at least anything that is cub/furry/loli/shota/hentai, it’s safe to say that there isn’t any link to the actual demand. There could be more research done just to prove the conclusion of course, but the overall attempt of companies or some people inside those communities want banned without conclusive evidence to support anything is just a fear or dislike of an assumption of something. Moreover, there are those who don’t mind such things as you say, which is a fair amount of people from my experience, who would fight for freedom of choice/speech, including those who dislike it.

      If any discussion is to be discussed, I’ll look forward to the discussion.

      Good Day.

  4. Hi,

    Since it seems that I can’t comment to you on Twitter, I’ll just do it here.

    So, it seems that Air Force cadet you covered on has actually done charges towards an actual minor in 2017:


    To which a quote help provides some info from the article that you posted:

    “In October 2017, the district attorney’s office announced Vollenweider had been indicted. A release at that time said Vollenweider allegedly distributed child pornography over the Internet to members of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force of the New Mexico attorney general.”

    Personally, this seems reasonable, since this guy had previous actions that included actual minors.

    Regardless, I find both disgusting, but the fictional equivalent is fine imo, unless an individual can be linked to actual evidence towards the real stuff, I don’t care.

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