Facilitating research

Developing better informed child protection measures depends on the availability of sound research into child sexual abuse. However due to a lack of funding available to researchers, the stigma associated with this topic, and the difficulty of finding willing research subjects, much work in this area remains to be done. Prostasia works with experts to raise funding for new independent research on neglected topics, and to clearly and concisely communicate the results of that research to policymakers, platforms, and the public.

Promoting existing research

If you have research findings that policymakers should know about, we can help you to reach out to them. This could include collaborating on communications, op-eds, letters to policymakers, introducing your research to relevant working groups and industry fora, and including your research in our blog and newsletter.

Facilitating new research

If you are a researcher with an existing proposal for which you are seeking funding, connect with us to let us know how we can help. Note that currently we only have the capacity to assist with proposals that are already co-funded.

Current calls for research proposals

Prostasia also periodically independently calls for research proposals in which qualified researchers are invited to participate. Current calls for proposals are listed below.

Date Title Funded
July 2018 Sex Toys and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Not yet