Assisting Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and agencies

Just as we make ourselves available as a source of expertise to Internet platforms, so too we aim to become a trusted resource for law enforcement agencies and for autonomous groups that work with them. Just as laws aimed at protecting children can sometimes miss the mark, so too the decisions of regulators and law enforcement authorities could be made more effective through the balanced and evidence-based perspective that Prostasia offers. We can:

  • Improve community trust and engagement: Prostasia can assist law enforcement agencies and the autonomous groups that work with them by providing them with access to researchers, experts, and stakeholder representatives.
  • Training: We provide agencies and law enforcement professionals with trainings in child sexual abuse prevention at introductory, intermediary, and advanced levels. We can introduce staff to the latest preventative approaches of mental health professionals and technologists, while also flagging approaches that come with hidden costs or risks.


Prostasia provides training and can offer testimony to policymakers and legislative bodies who share our vision of an evidence-based approach to the prevention of child sexual abuse and the sharing of unlawful images of minors. We can provide:

  • Review of draft legislation: We are a supporter of evidence based child protection laws, and can connect legislators with the latest statistics and scholarly publications that support this approach.
  • Testimony at hearings: Consider inviting a representative from Prostasia Foundation to testify at congressional hearings dealing with child protection legislation, to ensure that a balanced and inclusive perspective is presented.

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