Consulting to platforms

The front lines of child online protection are not in the houses of parliament or the courtrooms, but in the offices of major Internet platforms. Some such platforms do liaise informally with child protection groups for advice, but only Prostasia is dedicated both to child protection, and also to upholding platform safe harbors and freedom of expression. We work with the Internet industry, rather than against it. Among the services that we offer (some at no charge to corporate sponsors) are:

  • Consulting: Our diverse expert stakeholders offer advice and review of platforms’ content policies to make sure that they accord with the state of the art in child protection. Although we do not adjudicate individual account violations, we can assist Internet platforms to develop policies that draw the right line between freedom of speech online, and excluding content that is likely to harm children.
  • Trust and safety outsourcing: Does your trust and safety team include specialists in sexual paraphilias, the sex industry, or the consensual kink community? Do they know the difference between content that promotes CSA, and content that could help prevent it? Prostasia consults to Internet platforms that may lack the resources to have child protection experts in-house on their trust and safety teams.
  • Training: We provide corporate trainings in child sexual abuse prevention at introductory, intermediary, and advanced levels. Even for larger platforms, Prostasia offers a unique opportunity to have your trust and safety professionals coached by an organization that supports the Internet industry, rather than seeking to have it held responsible for the actions of abusers.
  • FOSTA compliance: Working with your lawyers, Prostasia can help platforms to comply with laws such as FOSTA—at the same time as we work to have these laws replaced with more effective and fact-based laws and policies.
  • Trusted flagging: Thousands of bogus child protection flags are received by Internet platforms from sources that lack a sound understanding of platform policies. Prostasia is prepared to act as a trusted flagger or trusted notifier, whose reports of abusive content are more reliable and balanced than those received from the general public or from special interest groups with an agenda to suppress legitimate content.
  • Trust and safety professionals

    If you have entered the trust and safety profession and are in need of peer and professional advice and support, we recommend that you join Prostasia as an individual member to gain access to the resources and professional connections that we have to offer.

    Please contact us about your organization’s needs or to schedule a individual consultation.