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Bio: Guy Hamilton-Smith is a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law and is the Sex Offense Litigation and Policy fellow at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law. He has written about these issues for Harvard Law’s Fair Punishment Project, the Texas Journal of Civil Liberties & Civil Rights, the American Bar Association, and other outlets. You can follow him on Twitter @G_Padraic, or read more of his writing at his website, guyhamiltonsmith.com.

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The intersection of civil rights and child protection

Posted on: 06 Sep 2018

Prostasia is a child protection organization that seeks to harmonize the tension that is often perceived between effective public policy and constitutional rights. When informed by evidence, the tension between good policy and constitutional rights is largely a false one: sound public policy aimed at preventing sexual harms can also ensure that we don’t sacrifice our freedoms in the process. …