Kristen DiAngelo


Kristen DiAngelo is a community organizer, political activist, expert witness and founder of The AC Project. Residing in Northern California, Kristen has worked in the sex trade since the mid 70’s and as a result of the sex industry has flourished. Currently, Kristen works as a political activist, educator, and Executive Director of SWOP Sacramento. Ms. DiAngelo is the Executive Producer, Producer, and Co-writer for the award-winning documentary American Courtesans. American Courtesans, has screened in 7 countries and is currently carried in numerous libraries across the US and Canada. Winner of three “Best Documentary” Awards, one “Audience Choice” Award, one “Award of Excellence” and Recipient of a Human Rights and Civil Rights Award out of Jakarta, Indonesia, Kristen has spoken around the world about the plights of sex workers under prohibition in the United States. Kristen’s sex trade experience spans the streets, the massage parlors, the brothels of Nevada, owning a service and working the internet. Pimped repeatedly- but now independent for more years than not- she’s drawn strength from adversity, transforming from a victim of poverty and exploitation to a warrior for the rights of those who are marginalized and those who chose to work in the sex trade.