#SexContentDialogue Background Paper

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Pay what you want, or just skip to the download. Now updated for RightsCon, this 40-page report contains expert briefings on:

  • Child sexual exploitation material
  • Pedophilia and child sexual abuse
  • The adult entertainment industry
  • …and more!

It also contains background materials for the five in-depth case studies presented at the meeting:

  • Lolicon, shotacon, and furry fandom
  • Nudist websites that cross the line
  • MAPs and registered citizens on social media
  • …and more!

The paper is required reading for content moderators, mental health professionals, sex-positive community members, lawyers, human rights activists, and anyone interested in child sexual abuse prevention.



From page 28:

The combination of these factors has created a tendency for policymakers to take an exceptionalist approach to child protection; in other words, to consider that it constitutes a sui generis policy area that overrides the way that we do thing in other areas. But whenever we succumb to this tendency, it tends to mean doing away with important principles like due process and transparency. This is exactly the kind of thinking that led to FOSTA, and one of the reasons why Prostasia Foundation was formed was that we thought we could do better than that.


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