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A child protection organization combining an evidence-based approach to child sexual abuse prevention with its commitment to human rights and sex positivity.

Prostasia Foundation is currently recruiting for a new Acting Executive Director. Prostasia Foundation’s mission is to ensure that the elimination of child sexual abuse is achieved consistently with the highest values of the society that we would like our children to grow up in. One of the ways in which we do this is by funding and disseminating the results of research on the prevention of child sexual abuse, which can be used in advocacy for child protection laws, corporate policies, and enforcement procedures that are constitutional and evidence-based. Our 2021 Annual Report describes the unique approach that sets Prostasia apart from other groups, and sets out some of our recent achievements.

We won’t lie: this will be a challenging job. This is a critical time in which the politicization of moral panic over grooming and sex trafficking have painted a target on the back of marginalized communities such as LGBTQ+ people, sex educators, sex workers, and abuse survivors. Even child sexual abuse prevention researchers, and the organizations that hire and support them, including Prostasia Foundation itself, have endured attacks rooted in homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. One of your principal responsibilities as Acting Executive Director will be to ensure that the organization effectively and unapologetically communicates an alternative, positive narrative in which child sexual abuse prevention is possible, and the human rights of all are upheld.

Other requirements of this role will include:

  • Board liaison. You are the nexus between the Board of Directors and the staff. You will chair and attend quarterly board meetings.
  • Strategic planning. You will provide strategic direction for the organization, consistent with its mission statement. Their organizational priorities that you set help to strengthen and sustain us as an organization, and contribute to the achievement of measurable goals.
  • Staff oversight. You will attend monthly video calls and weekly check-ins for staff and are the line manager of senior staff and volunteers.
  • Financial development. We will depend on you to establish and nurture relations with philanthropic and other major donors. You will set a budget and ensure that the organization works within it.
  • Program development. You will collaborate with staff and external partners on the execution and funding of our program work.
  • Public relations. You will be the public face of our organization to stakeholders, public and the media.

We invite you to be skeptical as you come into this role – indeed, a skeptical mindset would put you ahead of the field. With the amount of misinformation that circulates in this field, coming to grips with it will be your first task as Acting Executive Director. To enable you to do this, you will be introduced to our network, which includes the world’s leading experts in child sexual abuse prevention, the professional and human rights organizations that partner and support with us, and our grassroots prevention community. You will initially be retained for a fixed term three month contract working half-time, with the possibility of extension to a full-time, permanent position if assigned development goals are met or surpassed.

Required qualifications: The successful applicant for this role will have a deep knowledge of at least one of the following policy areas: sex offense law and policy, sex work and sex trafficking, adult content and obscenity, CSA prevention, Internet regulation. You should be comfortable operating within an intersectional, sex-positive framework. Your research, writing, and verbal communication skills must be exceptional. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline such as law, psychology, or social work is required.

Preferred qualifications: A record of successful fundraising for a non-profit organization would be a substantial asset for this role. A graduate degree, or significant progress towards one, is also preferred.

Personal attributes: The successful applicant should be self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision. They will have exceptional organization skills, and be able to stick to a tight deadline.

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