Sex doll ban could lead to more abuse, claims child protection organization

Florida becomes the second state to criminalize possession of sex dolls

No evidence exists to link sex dolls with abuse, say experts

San Francisco – May 1, 2019 — A law banning "child-like sex dolls" passed the Florida Senate today, with lawmakers pointing to the need to combat pedophilia. But child protection Prostasia Foundation has criticized the law, saying that according to leading scientific experts on pedophilia, banning sex dolls can do nothing to change a pedophile's sexual attraction towards children.

Dr James Cantor, who is an advisor to Prostasia Foundation and a leading expert on paraphilias, speculates that the dolls might actually be used by pedophiles who don't want to abuse a real child, as a victimless outlet for their feelings. On Twitter this week Dr Cantor asked, "If we surveyed victims of childhood sexual abuse, I wonder how many would say they wished their abusers had a sex doll who might have taken their place?"

Jeremy Malcolm, Executive Director of Prostasia Foundation, also claimed that the sex doll ban could also have unintended consequences. "This law doesn't attempt to define what makes a doll 'child-like,'" he said. "Prosecutors have claimed that dolls with full-size breasts are 'child-like' simply because they were constructed in a smaller size for ease of transportation and storage, or because they resemble Asian women who have a slighter build."

Prostasia Foundation has been raising funds for research into the question of whether sex dolls and cartoons can be used to redirect the sexual interests of would-be offenders away from real children—a question that scientists admit remains unresolved. "We asked legislators to hold off banning these dolls until we at least have an answer to that question," Malcolm said. "But their desire to appear tough on pedophilia has taken priority over their concern for the safety of real children."

The passage of the law makes Florida the second state to ban child-like sex dolls. A similar law passed in Tennessee last month, and another is currently awaiting passage in the Kentucky Senate.

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